Tuesday @ Comedy on college

Comedy on college is a stand up space on college street. Every tuesday between 8.30Pm and 10pm come experienced humour and energy @ poor boy pub ( 583 College, Toronto). This free event is hosted by Heather Macdonald, come and discover some new or more experienced talents . Bring your friends, the beer is always fresh, the ambiance is hot as hell and enjoy yourself. Comedy on college is a  »go to » show for sure 🙂

The Toronto Black Film Festival

Toronto is definitely a multicultural city, the TBFF, which promote the black cinema from all over the world took place a few weeks ago in Toronto. It was a wonderful occasion to meet people express  the black culture. I learn in this event that black cinema, has nothng to see with colour, its about culture, it’s about feelings, it’s about our relation with stories. Nothing much, nothing less than our capacity to learn about differents perspectives from all over the world.

At this occasion I met a lot of actors, directors and viewers linked by the universal will to  entertain and be entertain. Alfe woodard, who you probably seen in numerous super productions was receiving a trbute for her carreer and support to independant filmakers.  »Independant cinema is where real dialogues happens » she encouraged us to support independant film makers becasue they are telling our stories…just watch the video and let me know what does the independant cinema means to you…it can be interesting to share about it.

Best regards Yann!

Narrative @Dylan Ellis Gallery

1840 Danforth avenue is an adress to retain in Toronto. This is the place where photographers feel just like home. The last expo I assisted there was called Narrative. In a few words it was about how people tell their story with pictures. From an iphone

to the most evoluated camera, how the stories flight from the heart of an artsit to yours…A mysterious travel in the most egocentric sharing…a beautifull paradox. a must see exposition!

Express yourself in french




Toronto is a multicultural city.  In toronto french, arab, indie, mandarin, spanish, portuguese… can be considered as some local languages! You can stop at a corner and listen one of them without being shocked, It’s simply an element of the Toronto’s sound-track!

Once a month i will try to put the light on a cultural event from another part of the world! Let me start with the Franc Open Mic, a french expression open stage in Toronto. The rule is quite simple : you have 2 minutes to say whatever you want in french. if you are a nativ speaker, a student or if you just want to listen to the Moliere Language you are warmely welcome at Free Time Café. Music, poetry, comedy…etc you are free to share with a full house of cheerful peoples. It’s one thursday per month @ Free time café- 320 College St. Toronto!

It’s a nice moment to share with friends around a beer or two ! 😉

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I am curious to know if this kind of event exists in your language community. Let me know and I will be glad to stop by…

Cheers folks!




Today is the first day of the rest of my life



Today is really the first day of the rest of my life because for the first time in my short existence. I deeply know what I love. After almost a decade looking for myself in some ad agencys trying to find the perfect fit in carreer so unconscious of what was my aim in life.

Today I know! I love pictures. I love the process to produce them and the story witchcome to life after a patient editing work. And I want to spend the rest of my life telling visual stories. I don’t want to choose between photography and vidéography! No i love both of these ways of expression.

I must confess that I owe this state of mind to Toronto-Ontario, my new home town. I have to admit that there is no better way  to find who you truly are than to loose yourself in a completely different culture. New peoples,  new language, new environment…etc

I am in the process and I have to admit that i am still in a little confusing smog but I it’s temporary because I know where I go. The new direction of my life is to take time, to live, to discover and enjoy what the life as to offer.

The question remain complete; can we really live of what we love? In our very formated and previsible world is it possible to be ourself,  deeply connected to our inner emotions? Can we win against the dictatorship of democracy?

Through this blog I will write in pictures, sounds and emotions as much as possible?  I hope you will enjoy the ride! 🙂


Cheers! 😉



Nagi cosmetic Making of

A really nice memory and a great experience with a strong cosmetic entrepreneur!



cheers folks! 🙂

Dear Syrian’s People!

Dear Syrians People,

This week something happened. For the first time  a political promess is coming reality. Remenber a few weeks ago, during his campaign Mr Trudeau jr,  promised to welcome a certain number of Syrian refugees. And I must confess that the cynical person that i am sometimes didn’t believe that it was possible. And for the first time since a long time, i want to believe that a better world is possible! Yes. So i want to believe in Canada. A country composed of immigrants from all around the world. This country represent an oppportunity for so many people. Opportunity to start a new life and to participate at the construction of a country as well. So i want to applause the new governement Trudeau and give some encouragements to pursue his action for building a more generous and open minded Canada! And dear Syrians people welcome home, even Miss méteo has taken dispositions to receive you with an exceptional temperatures! Welcome Home Brothers!

Thats also an intersting topic to debate, what do you think about this News and most of all do you think that Justin Trudeau is going to realise fully his promise to welcome the 40 000 refugees he promised to?

The blog street journal

Hi peoples!

Another week richer of a lot of interesting and so viral News. No video of the Blog street journal this week, but this video realised with some classmates about social medias!

Iwas thinking about why social medias are a good thing for News consumption. it’s interesting to understand how people are attracted to the news how its could go so viral? this attraction could be summarise in one word: subjectivity.

Today we are submitted to a lot of informations. throught the social medias, the free news papers, our podcasts, in the subway, at the coffee machine…etc.people are hungry of instant news. Like a capricious child, our  center of interests are changing so fast. because we are connected to the world. Also we have the power to make the news. We are at the same time the audience and the producer. that’s awesome but in the same time schysophrenic…

Too many informations that people are trying to filter. The selection is made by 3 mains criterias : 1) the accessibility, 2) what they enjoyed the most and/or 3) what rings a bell in their personal life. The social media gives the proximity and the ability to those people to access to the news indeed the most comon denominator of modern occidental human being is his phone! The world is in your pocket. Information is so quickly delivered, we can question the deontology but  we have to deal with that!

This week was the week of the guns attack on San bernardino CA and the gun control issue in USA one more time put on the table. Was it an isolated fool act or a terrorist attack linked to Isis…we will know more about it in the next few days.

It was also the world climate summit in paris. is this sommit is going to change anything in the life of people or is it another PR event for our leaders?…

A new rebound in the Oscar Pistorius trial. After being released not guilty in the crime of his girl friend…He is now convicted guilty by South African Suprem Court and is heading back to jail for 15 years minimum…

In the national news. the process for receiving 10 000 syrians refugees by the end of the year is on the track….is it a great gesture of generosity or a foul campaign promess?

I’d like to hear about you what do you think about these subjects. What do you think about the importance of social medias in our news consumption? What does this news tought us about the period we are leaving. Don’t be shy let us share our views 😉



The blog street journal is Parisian

Hi folks!

This week is most exclusively Paris attacks oriented. The violence of the recents attacks in paris cought the attention of everyone this week…And the man of the street is full of wisdom! just give a look and share with us your point of view! What are on your point of view the solution on that major crisis? Feel free to share your point of view in the Blog Street Journal!

Best Regards,


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