Hi Folks,

I decided to remove myself briefly from the hot actuality. as you may know I realise my interviews for the blog street journal every saturday in a street of Toronto. And as you certainly know last saturday was the day following the attacks in Paris where some of my relatives actualy lives. Fortunately Everyone is alright  but I must confess that I was a little confused and upset saturday morning. Shocked by the inhumanity. This week i won’t talk about news. I want to talk about what should unite us all : culture, curiosity of others, hope of a better world. I ‘ll talk about Cinema and the European Union Film festival currently in town during the next two weeks.  it’s a perfect  mean to see the world from differents perspectives,  most importantly it’s a mean to share emotions and  good vibrations…and it’s also free!  I made the video and I hope to see you around during the festival!