Hi peoples!

Another week richer of a lot of interesting and so viral News. No video of the Blog street journal this week, but this video realised with some classmates about social medias!

Iwas thinking about why social medias are a good thing for News consumption. it’s interesting to understand how people are attracted to the news how its could go so viral? this attraction could be summarise in one word: subjectivity.

Today we are submitted to a lot of informations. throught the social medias, the free news papers, our podcasts, in the subway, at the coffee machine…etc.people are hungry of instant news. Like a capricious child, our  center of interests are changing so fast. because we are connected to the world. Also we have the power to make the news. We are at the same time the audience and the producer. that’s awesome but in the same time schysophrenic…

Too many informations that people are trying to filter. The selection is made by 3 mains criterias : 1) the accessibility, 2) what they enjoyed the most and/or 3) what rings a bell in their personal life. The social media gives the proximity and the ability to those people to access to the news indeed the most comon denominator of modern occidental human being is his phone! The world is in your pocket. Information is so quickly delivered, we can question the deontology but  we have to deal with that!

This week was the week of the guns attack on San bernardino CA and the gun control issue in USA one more time put on the table. Was it an isolated fool act or a terrorist attack linked to Isis…we will know more about it in the next few days.

It was also the world climate summit in paris. is this sommit is going to change anything in the life of people or is it another PR event for our leaders?…

A new rebound in the Oscar Pistorius trial. After being released not guilty in the crime of his girl friend…He is now convicted guilty by South African Suprem Court and is heading back to jail for 15 years minimum…

In the national news. the process for receiving 10 000 syrians refugees by the end of the year is on the track….is it a great gesture of generosity or a foul campaign promess?

I’d like to hear about you what do you think about these subjects. What do you think about the importance of social medias in our news consumption? What does this news tought us about the period we are leaving. Don’t be shy let us share our views 😉