Dear Syrians People,

This week something happened. For the first time  a political promess is coming reality. Remenber a few weeks ago, during his campaign Mr Trudeau jr,  promised to welcome a certain number of Syrian refugees. And I must confess that the cynical person that i am sometimes didn’t believe that it was possible. And for the first time since a long time, i want to believe that a better world is possible! Yes. So i want to believe in Canada. A country composed of immigrants from all around the world. This country represent an oppportunity for so many people. Opportunity to start a new life and to participate at the construction of a country as well. So i want to applause the new governement Trudeau and give some encouragements to pursue his action for building a more generous and open minded Canada! And dear Syrians people welcome home, even Miss méteo has taken dispositions to receive you with an exceptional temperatures! Welcome Home Brothers!

Thats also an intersting topic to debate, what do you think about this News and most of all do you think that Justin Trudeau is going to realise fully his promise to welcome the 40 000 refugees he promised to?