Today is really the first day of the rest of my life because for the first time in my short existence. I deeply know what I love. After almost a decade looking for myself in some ad agencys trying to find the perfect fit in carreer so unconscious of what was my aim in life.

Today I know! I love pictures. I love the process to produce them and the story witchcome to life after a patient editing work. And I want to spend the rest of my life telling visual stories. I don’t want to choose between photography and vidéography! No i love both of these ways of expression.

I must confess that I owe this state of mind to Toronto-Ontario, my new home town. I have to admit that there is no better way  to find who you truly are than to loose yourself in a completely different culture. New peoples,  new language, new environment…etc

I am in the process and I have to admit that i am still in a little confusing smog but I it’s temporary because I know where I go. The new direction of my life is to take time, to live, to discover and enjoy what the life as to offer.

The question remain complete; can we really live of what we love? In our very formated and previsible world is it possible to be ourself,  deeply connected to our inner emotions? Can we win against the dictatorship of democracy?

Through this blog I will write in pictures, sounds and emotions as much as possible?  I hope you will enjoy the ride! 🙂


Cheers! 😉