Toronto is a multicultural city.  In toronto french, arab, indie, mandarin, spanish, portuguese… can be considered as some local languages! You can stop at a corner and listen one of them without being shocked, It’s simply an element of the Toronto’s sound-track!

Once a month i will try to put the light on a cultural event from another part of the world! Let me start with the Franc Open Mic, a french expression open stage in Toronto. The rule is quite simple : you have 2 minutes to say whatever you want in french. if you are a nativ speaker, a student or if you just want to listen to the Moliere Language you are warmely welcome at Free Time Café. Music, poetry, comedy…etc you are free to share with a full house of cheerful peoples. It’s one thursday per month @ Free time café- 320 College St. Toronto!

It’s a nice moment to share with friends around a beer or two ! 😉

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I am curious to know if this kind of event exists in your language community. Let me know and I will be glad to stop by…

Cheers folks!