Toronto is definitely a multicultural city, the TBFF, which promote the black cinema from all over the world took place a few weeks ago in Toronto. It was a wonderful occasion to meet people express  the black culture. I learn in this event that black cinema, has nothng to see with colour, its about culture, it’s about feelings, it’s about our relation with stories. Nothing much, nothing less than our capacity to learn about differents perspectives from all over the world.

At this occasion I met a lot of actors, directors and viewers linked by the universal will to  entertain and be entertain. Alfe woodard, who you probably seen in numerous super productions was receiving a trbute for her carreer and support to independant filmakers.  »Independant cinema is where real dialogues happens » she encouraged us to support independant film makers becasue they are telling our stories…just watch the video and let me know what does the independant cinema means to you…it can be interesting to share about it.

Best regards Yann!