The European Union Film festival

Hi Folks,

I decided to remove myself briefly from the hot actuality. as you may know I realise my interviews for the blog street journal every saturday in a street of Toronto. And as you certainly know last saturday was the day following the attacks in Paris where some of my relatives actualy lives. Fortunately Everyone is alright  but I must confess that I was a little confused and upset saturday morning. Shocked by the inhumanity. This week i won’t talk about news. I want to talk about what should unite us all : culture, curiosity of others, hope of a better world. I ‘ll talk about Cinema and the European Union Film festival currently in town during the next two weeks.  it’s a perfect  mean to see the world from differents perspectives,  most importantly it’s a mean to share emotions and  good vibrations…and it’s also free!  I made the video and I hope to see you around during the festival!


Thumbs up or Thumbs down?

What do you think about the most important figures of the last month? do you like them or not? this is the question we asked to the man of the street. And the answers are sometimes surprising…it’s our thumbs up or thumbs down game of the month! just give a look!

The Blog Street journal week 3

Hello People,

I hope you’re doing well! This week some very interesting news related by The Man of the street.

We are continuing to talk about Justin Trudeau our mew prime, his promises are still on the spot. especially the his very ambitious promise to receive around 2000 new refugees until december, the Canadian withdrawing from combat against islamic state, and a pretty good news for an incresing audience marijuana’s legalisation.

The huricane in mexico was also a pretty hot news of the week. It is important to talk about  »Patricia » in this special time where the climate change issue is on the spot around the world. We share some warms tought with the victims. And let’s poursue our encouragements to a responsible behaviour on the nature.

We also talked this week About hydro One privatisation. A sell off which asked some questions and  create some misunderstanding in the populationthis is a topic interesting to wath in the further week. But now just take a look on this article from the Toronto star, who will give you an idea on the subject.

The new world strongest beer has been released. It name is Snake Venum and jump at 67 %  of alcohol rate. And also costs around 80$. it’s quite expansive for getting drunk…just watch the link bellows for more informations.

The Syrian crisis is always a hot topic this week and continue to attract the attention in the streets. It’s important to underlined that this crisis could have some some consequences for the Peace balance in middle-east and seems to be an issue between East and West regarding the migration movements who are more and more difficult to control. I found this article from BBC who explain the origins of this conflict. Just give it a look it’s eloquent

Thank you for your time don’t hesitate to share with us the most topics in the news this week. have a nice week folks! 🙂

About the Syrian Crisis

About The strongest beer Snake Venum

About the Huricane Patricia

About Hydro one

about Justin Trudeau’s policy

The blog Street Journal week 2

Hi there!

This week was definitely a rich week for Information. From the Liberal Win to the Blue Jayz Loss ends season! It was an exiting time around the city during this tense fight between what we are allowed to call two beautifull warriors. The excitement surrounding the team’s first trip to the playoffs since 1993 leads to some skyrocketings TV audiences! Over 1 million viewers on the screens during this sport performance!

The Jays’ TV Ratings Are Skyrocketing, But What Does That Mean?

Justin Trudeau, Yesterday’s third man is now our current Prime Minister! Congratulations to the Liberals. This campaign almost perfectly managed, is the symbol of change in the way that people lived the political thing. Justin will have to manage the increasingly hight expectations and a hungry for transparancy and efficiency! Justin trudeau remind me the Boyz band phenomenon in the 90’s. He is good looking, inspireful, he has an historical heredity that make him close to most of the canadian, but I can’t retain myself to question: will he sing by himself or are we going to witness another playback song as only politicians have the secret?…Time will say!

These two previous event must not make us forget the rest of the world actuality:

The meeting Between Bachar El Hasad (Syrian President) and Vladimir Putine (Russian President) about the Syrian War and the related issues in Middle east! A definetly complexe issue who actually devide the political world. But meanwhile what about the population who are waiting not much than peace?

The crisis in Congo where the current President Denis Sassou Nguesso, in charge of the country for almost 30 years is holding  a referendum on constitutional changes that would allow him to stand for a third therm. Opposition’s leaders have called for a boycott after a number of protesters died in clashes with security forces. A pretty hot topic to follow in the next few weeks because of minerals wealthnesses and the internationals involvements in this region. Stay tuned!

What about Isis beheading Ethiopian Christian in Lybia this week. Another sad case of a minority persecution in this part of the world…we must stay positive, aware and keep talking about whats wrong in our world, it’s the only way to make things change!

WATCH: ISIS Beheads Ethiopian Christians in Libya

The man of street talked about all these topics this week so stay tuned to the Blog street journal. Don’t hesitate to share with us the Topics which caught your attention and let us exchange about them. I hope to hear about you soon! 😉

The Blog Street Journal (October 12 to October 18)

Hi There!

When the Man of the street do and undo the News you obtain The Blog Street Journal!

A weekly micro-sidewalk about what people thought about some News hot topic of the week. October 12 to October 18. Simply a subjective survey about what caught the public attention in an  »over-informed » world! This week we were on dundas square in Toronto Ontario asking people what was the main news of the week… just have a look and after that share with us what was the most important news of the previous week! See you soon! 🙂


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